Pediatric OPDs

1. Pediatric OPD

Treatment, Prevention, Guidance, Vaccination, Nutrition, Breast Feeding and Timely Management are our main aims for OPD.

At Mamta Hospital, Outdoor patients are provided consultation by Pediatrician and Super Specialist consultation for medical, surgical or allied (physiotherapy, dietetics) consultation and expert opinion.

At Mamta OPD, We have a very special method of screening your baby for Growth Problems. All children irrespective of their complaints are screened for Growth Faltering, Weight faltering and interventions are suggested/advised based on the findings. We used automated machines that are cross checked by our staff who are trained to supervise and check for errors. Nutritional and Anthropometric Assessment is a very important component of a pediatric Consult and we take care of the best for any child coming to Mamta Hospital.

Pulse Oxymetry Screening, Blood Pressure , Temperature Screening of all the babies is done in the OPD.

OPD Consultation can be done via a tele consultation or a in persona consultation. Contact Details have been provided.

Pediatricians are available for OPD consultations from 9 am to 9 pm. We try to be available to you round the clock.

2. Super Speciality OPD

We also cater to a population of patients who only need a consultation with a super specialist and obtain ongoing medical treatment or services as a result of an earlier visit.

SuperSpeciality OPDs:

Following Doctors are available for consultation

Dr. Niraj Gupta
Dr. Aroon Trivedi
For Pediatric and Neonatal Surgical and Urological Consults

Dr. Fagun Shah
For Pediatric and Neonatal Nephrological Consults

Dr. Ritesh Shah
For Pediatric Neurological Consults

Dr. Snehal Patel
For Pediatric and Neonatal Cardiological Consults

Dr. Mayank Detroja
For Pediatric Neurological Consults

Dr. Nirav Buch
For Pediatric and Neonatal Hematological Consults

Dr. Ankit Parmar
For Pediatric and Neonatal Hematological Consults

Dr. Tripti Gupta
For Consults regarding Ophthalmology, ROP and Glaucoma inchildren as well as adults

3. Developmental Assessment

Any High Risk Graduate Needs to be screened for developmental problems and disorders. At Mamta Hospital, DASII Services available and done by Dr. Niraj Gupta at Mamta Hospital. Nutrition and Well Being charts available on request.Available on Saturdays.

4. ROP Screening

We have services for ROP Screening available. Every Wednesday at Mamta Hospital. /

OAE Screening OAE Screening available at Mamta hospital , Ankleshwar

5. Breast Feeding Clinic

Breast Feeding OPD Breastfeeding for the first six months of a child’s life is the most significant phase for improving child survival and health. The Breast feeding OPD at Mamta Hospitals provides all the necessary assistance for the mother to safely and happily breast feed the new born; we have created the right atmosphere and ambience for the mother and the new born for this very purpose of breast feeding.

6. Counselling

Nutrtional / Well Being / Developmental Counselling Many Children Don’t need medicines they need advise more so do the parents. Which ones are right which ones are not? That is a big question in the day today. Mamta Hospital offers counseling regarding weaning practices, Busting cultural myths , and doing a Developmental and Growth Screening at each visit. More so for our high risk new born babies