PICU - Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

The PICU optimizes the delivery of critical care for various complex medical illnesses, surgical and traumatic situations in children.
An advanced level 3 PICU with state of art infrastructure, latest equipments& life support monitoring systems needed for management of critically ill children.
Highly qualified, trained and experienced Pediatric Intensives with a team of specially trained PICU nursing staff.
It’s a one stop multispecialty and coordinated care with a team of other Pediatric Super Specialists)


Level III PICU beds (6 no’s) for critical care management of:

  • Respiratory failure, cardiac failure etc.
  • Hypertensive emergencies, oncologic emergencies, Metabolic Disorders
  • Status epilepticus, Drowning, poisoning
  • Complicated infectious diseases (Dengue, Malaria, Enteric fever etc.)

3 bedded HDU (Step down PICU)

  • High frequency ventilation for Pediatric ARDS (Conventional & HFOV)
  • Invasive hemodynamic monitoring of CVP, IBP and ECG
  • Trained Pediatrician available 24X7 for continuous monitoring and care
  • Bedside facility for 2D-ECHO, USG and EEG
  • Dedicated critical care transport team
  • Ultra-modern ambulance available 24X7